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Say the body authorization and relax and breatheeeeee and try to get fearless so healing can come in. “I authorize my body to release whatever is not necessary to its perfect functioning, and I withdraw any prior conscious or unconscious authorization to the contrary.” I authorize my hip… don’t justify why you have it justify why you don’t have to… Read more →

I could have written this!

          In my 37 years it is FUN to be able to continue to be blessed and able to play! Poem by Sasaki-roshi As a butterfly lost in the flower, As a bird settled on the tree, As a child fondling mother’s brest, For sixty seven years of the world, I have played with God. Read more →

PS Love Is Real

Join Barbara for her Feb 21-22 Palm Springs retreat and workshop.  She will be teaching a 2 and 1/2 hour workshop at Randi Harwood’s lovely Palm Springs Yoga Studio PEACE LOVE YOGA. We are looking into finding a Vacation Rental by Owner in Palm Springs for Saturday night.  The workshop will be a darma talk and discussion on the magical… Read more →


As Yang Moves to Yin   As the summer fades into memory, we move from the Late Summer to Autumn. Nights lengthen as we ease into a cooler season. The transition from steady warm summer heat to autumn cool- down is an important one: Honoring this season of transition means caring for the self, body and mind. Late Summer is… Read more →


Stop, be calm, pray steadfastly and out of the silence will loom the divine Presence. -Paramahansa Yogananda And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. -Anais Nin     Read more →


I am offering a 4 week session in my home studio for $40. It will start this Thurs 7/17 and continue thru 8/7.  Class will start promptly at 6:30PM and go to 7:45PM. Please do your best to arrive on time but if life gets in the way just enter quietly and wait to unroll your mat until the opening… Read more →

Sacrid Security

When it all falls away, and it will, like white sand at my feet, Only me standing there amid the sand castle, My Holy angle will be there, lifting me to the top. Gentle but firm No attack Throbbing Loveingly Fly Free at last Read more →