Oh my its been forever since I’ve checked my site. Hope you haven’t been trying to get me… 562-243-4928 and I’ll always call you back. It’s almost Thanksgiving and the mudra for that is great. Clasp one hand in the other, This is called the Linga Mudra. This mudra helps to loosen Catarrh in the lungs, helps generally against colds,… Read more →


Happy Mother’s Day Give yourself and all mothers the gift of yoga at least three times a week  Be the place that love flows through because it’s good for others and it’s good for you Namaste and so much Love Read more →

Death Is a Fake by Erich and Me

God is Supreme Being. The all being all. Everything that exists is the specific and unique self-expression of the One and Only, GOD. Death is the extinguishment of Being. We are The All, Supreme Being in unique human self-expression. Supreme Being cannot be extinguished. Therefore we cannot die. We are The All in specific and unique self-expression. We are the… Read more →