Today is the longest day of the year. One of my friends mentioned that in the last 3 months everyday seems like the longest which has benefits along with the negative. I’ve planted beans, peas, squash, tomatoes and now peppers. The neighbors will be so happy because the abundance I have must be shared.

The summer Solstice was celebrated by the the ancient Aztecs as a thanks to the sun for the warm life giving force in the garden as well as their lives until the Conquistadors deemed this a pagan ceremony and forbid the practice.

The Andean native American tribe in 1944 revived the tribute to the sun, Inti, who blessed them with light and abundant crops. Inti festivals are still held in Andean villages where prayers to the sun are offered.

A solstice celebration isn’t complete without a fire ceremony. Light a candle and express gratitude for blessings and unburden yourself of unnecessary emotional baggage.

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