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Summer Heat Wave.Late Summer is coming with its hot, muggy weather and afternoon thunderstorms. Late summer is one of the Five Seasons in Classical Chinese Medicine. This season is the “dog day afternoons” of late August and “Indian Summer” , which are often hotter and damper days thick in humidity and a feeling of heaviness in the air. This often parallels the… Read more →


Today is the longest day of the year. One of my friends mentioned that in the last 3 months everyday seems like the longest which has benefits along with the negative. I’ve planted beans, peas, squash, tomatoes and now peppers. The neighbors will be so happy because the abundance I have must be shared. The summer Solstice was celebrated by… Read more →

Change and the Virus

Sent from Mail for Windows 10In Buddhist teachings, crises also present opportunity. All things change constantly, and we are never absolutely safe. This is the angst of life, the price of being human. One of the values of spiritual practice is that we can come to terms with this stress in a conscious manner. Insight into change teaches us to… Read more →


Los Alamitos Parks and Rec and I did a 40 min video for the community and have shared the link with me. Please let me know if you enjoy it. I think it turned out pretty well, there were numerous times we had to stop as they kept running out of “space” on the chip? Anyway, I enjoyed most of… Read more →

Corona Victory

Stay home 🏡 stay strong 💪 do your practice 30 min or more and meditation daily for at least 5 min. Remembering the more you give the higher the return. Ten fold. I love you all and look forward to practicing with you in person again soon! stay happy stay hole this too will pass. Namaste 🙏 Read more →

Happy Almost Noon Years Eve

Tuesday is New Years Eve and I am wishing you all a “Safe and Sound” celebration whatever that means to you.  I will be sending out gratitude and love to all the sentient beings I have experienced this last year and for all the new and exciting adventures that 2019 holds in trust for me. As I peak into the… Read more →