Happy Almost Noon Years Eve

Tuesday is New Years Eve and I am wishing you all a “Safe and Sound” celebration whatever that means to you.  I will be sending out gratitude and love to all the sentient beings I have experienced this last year and for all the new and exciting adventures that 2019 holds in trust for me. As I peak into the… Read more →


Oh my its been forever since I’ve checked my site. Hope you haven’t been trying to get me… 562-243-4928 and I’ll always call you back. It’s almost Thanksgiving and the mudra for that is great. Clasp one hand in the other, This is called the Linga Mudra. This mudra helps to loosen Catarrh in the lungs, helps generally against colds,… Read more →

Mercury Is At it Again

Virgo’s planet Mercury is once again doing its reto thing from June 25 to Aug. 18.  This is a great time to look back on what you’d like to change and take the time to let it happen. Sweet patience and lots of LOVE Read more →

Summer Solstice

This Thursday is also the international day of yoga. This is a great time to use the longest daylight of the year to enrich your life and practice by being outdoors. Enjoy a walk in the forest or at the beach or just around the block. Read more →