Death Is a Fake by Erich and Me

God is Supreme Being. The all being all. Everything that exists is the specific and unique self-expression of the One and Only, GOD. Death is the extinguishment of Being. We are The All, Supreme Being in unique human self-expression. Supreme Being cannot be extinguished. Therefore we cannot die. We are The All in specific and unique self-expression. We are the… Read more →

Summer Solstice

June 21st is the offical begining of Summer. Bringing concerts in the park, beach days with sand and sun and hopefully warm water.  It also is the begining of shorter days but no matter as we will be having so much fun we will welcome the sunset and beautiful moon rise. Yoga three times a week is the promise of… Read more →


Why do I find birth days so special? The subconsious contract we enter into before we arrive on this planet  begins on that first birthday. The contract that is to be foefilled before we leave this planet. It is not an easy contract and one most of us don’t even know exists in our consious state but there is a… Read more →