Death Is a Fake by Erich and Me

God is Supreme Being. The all being all. Everything that exists is the specific and unique self-expression of the One and Only, GOD.

Death is the extinguishment of Being. We are The All, Supreme Being in unique human self-expression. Supreme Being cannot be extinguished. Therefore we cannot die.

We are The All in specific and unique self-expression. We are the Ocean being the specific wave. We only exist because The All is being what it is…..and it looks like us (you or me).  We are not drops or waves in the ocean, we are the ocean appearing as drops or waves, (you or me).

Infinite means not finite.

Forms and formations (manifest creation) like clouds in the sky, are finite. Forms have borders and boundaries.

Not finite is like the sky. There is no border around the sky, and yet it is really there.

GOD’s Mind is the only thing that’s infinite.  It’s like the sky (that’s why it is called the sky of Mind) in which everything (manifest creation) is happening.

Another word for God’s Mind is Consciousness or Awareness.  Conscious is the Sky or Space in which it’s all happening.  Consciousness is infinite (no border or boundary) and yet it is really there, and only because conscious awareness (God’s mind) is there first could there be manifest creation.  The only reason there can be a cloud formation (or you or me for that matter) is that there is a sky (infinite formlessness ie Sky/God)

*The sky is more fundamental than the clouds, yet they are inseparable.  MIND (Consciousness Awareness) is more fundamental that manifest creation, even though they are inseparable.

And so, if you are conscious, and you are, then actually you are that formless (infinite) conscious being which is manifesting as manifest creation.  Forms change, (as does the body change) like the weather,  but really you are the sky (formless) which just happens to look like something (a cloud or you and me). You are truly the conscious sky, looking out at the rest of manifest creation.  You are not a body being aware, you are that which is aware of the body.  That’s the shift, imo. Shifting from body-identification to Mind identification.

You will always be that aware manifestation. Even when the cloud floats away it is still there feeling like what it is. This is why we say death is a fake. We just don’t see the body but the mind is always.

Erich's 59th

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