Change and the Virus

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In Buddhist teachings, crises also present opportunity. All things change constantly, and we are never absolutely safe. This is the angst of life, the price of being human. One of the values of spiritual practice is that we can come to terms with this stress in a conscious manner.

Insight into change teaches us to embrace experiences without clinging — to get the most out of the present moment by fully appreciating its intensity, understanding that we have to let it go to embrace what comes next. Life becomes more integrated because we no longer deny or avoid what is true. We have all had to pivot into the unknown. Change is a constant, and will always be with us.

Change can teach us hope. No matter how bad the situation, anything is possible. A mind that is able to shift from an old view to a new one can meet any situation with the kind of equanimity that allows for compassionate and creative response.

Be kind to yourself, and allow change to flow.

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