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Cooling Breath for Summer

PranayamaShitali is a cooling pranayama or breathing exercise that is effective in reducing excess heat in the body. Shitali also helps dispel emotions of anger and frustration. It is a practice that brings tranquility and contentment to the mind. Sit comfortably, with spine long and in alignment. Curl the sides of the tongue up so that they touch each other.… Read more →

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  Stretching the spine in Six Directions   Have you ever watched the movement of a baby? A starfish? Movement from the core of the body is necessary for the freedom to express oneself physically through the arms or legs. From the earliest developmental stages of life, the intelligence of movement comes from the core, navel center. As a fetus,… Read more →

Shining Head

Exercises posted to the “Try This!” section are for you to try at home. The shining head breathing exercise will give you a quick energy boost and help clear your mind. 1. Stand erect or sit on your heels. Lean your trunk forward and place your hands on your thighs. 2. Breathe in gently through the nose, then breathe out… Read more →

Suggestions for New Students

As you practice, remember that all these exercises are stretches — make them as pleasant and luxurious as those exuberant stretches you used to do spontaneously as a child, and enjoy the refreshing sense of well-being. Wear clothing you can move easily in (no baggy clothes, as they obscure alignment). Bare feet are essential. Do not wear perfume or heavy… Read more →