Yoga Fit


One of my students sent me an email stating that they wanted to become “yoga fit” This statement and the words “yoga fit” totally brought to my attention all the wonderful benefits that this practice brings to the individual! Especially reminding me once again of the gratitude I feel for the practice and the ability to practice yoga.
Yoga Fit is the only way to live.  It’s made this complete experience of breaking my ankle in a unexpected body surfing accident so much easier than if I hadn’t had yoga in my life.  All this just days before my 62nd trip around the sun is to be celebrated!  I can not begin to tell you the difference that yoga has made in my life physically as well as mentally and emotionally.  I will be teaching my regular schedule starting Sept 8th with only a few personal physical modifications.  Looking forward to sharing all the wonderful benefitsI have received from my practice with you all.
All Love, Light and Laughter




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