Full Moon Reflections

Starry Nights and Full Moon Fever

Did you see the Frosty Moon on Saturday, brightening the sky? The skies are awash with a star show of Comets and the Leonid meteor shower.

The skies are as busy as this season can feel, as we move toward the end of year, and the dark cold deepest yin cycle in Nature. Do you find yourself more and more distracted and scattered by the amount of things that need to “get done”?

In Chinese language, the word for Focus is made up of the characters Gather and Center. What a profoundly visual image that is for what I am NOT doing in scurrying around!

As this season of Late Autumn is associated with Metal, the image of a golden vessel that is made of the richness of the earth, and can contain water so it can serve as cleansing nectar.

This season is also connected with the Lungs, as we witness trees baring their intricate system of branches, much as the tracheobronchial tree that forms the airway to the lungs.

The Lungs form treelike branches as the trachea splits into progressively smaller structures. Much as trees are the lungs of the earth, our Lung move life force through the breath, as inhalation brings energy in and exhalation releases energy out.

The Lung is the “tender organ”, and is susceptible to wind and cold. It is the commander of Chi, because it is in charge of inhalation and exhalation; the movement of in and out.

To let go, you must evaluate.

In Autumn  the is deepest association with Viveka, discrimination. One of the natural and necessary traits of a Yogi. Autumn is a good time for introspection, to get quiet and notice your breath.

This is time to reflect:

What do I no longer need and what can I let go of?

Do I have unresolved grief that need release?

What in my mental and emotional life can die to be reborn?

Autumn provides the opportunity to release old habits and negative patterns, and to remember that by releasing and letting go we grow and evolve.

Plant your seeds, nurture yourself and let go of what you don’t need…

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