Words from my friend Khelly the Chiropractor

I just came form a weekend long seminar where over
200 papers from all over the world and by all kinds
of researchers mostly M.D.s and Ph.D.s on
spinal pain, endurance and functions.
Bottom line: YOGA and Thai Chi as the best exercises
in conjunction with spinal adjustments resulted in the
best results to remodel, repair and reduce spine dysfunction
and pain.
In particular the cat/dog pose, the tree (especially on an
unstable foundation), the lay-on-the-ball, rise one arm, then the
other, then both, raise one leg, then the other, then one arm and
opposite leg, reverse combination. The exercise where a person is
on all 4s, raising one arm with opposite leg; the advanced of same
side arm and leg; the plank poise then rotate to one side using both legs and one
arm then reverse, bending the arm slightly into a
sort of a push up(“dude pose”).  Doing anything standing on one foot is strongly advised.  They had foam pads on which we stood on one foot.  Doing postures on an unstable foundation like foam or a ball is very beneficial.
The results were quite dynamic just from the exercises but
when combined with the kind of spinal work I do the results
were over the top.  Changes were seen in as few as three days
if using an unstable foundation.  Just thought you might like to
know, show and tell.  If you want more info let me know


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