Truth, Dancing and Happiness

Went dancing last nite and watched the fireworks with a friend. It marked the beginning of the summer concerts in the park which is always such fun for me as I get to dance with the kids and they are so true and free, like dancing when no one is watching.  I woke up this morning and wrote these things in my journal.
Nothing is permanent. (plans for Maui just changed) The one truth is that we all want happiness and we all will die so we want to be happy before we no longer exist on the earth ( but death, you tell us, isn’t permanent either) Whatever makes us happy we rush to pursue without really knowing if that is what we want and when it doesn’t work for any length of time we try something else.
Dancing, swimming, exercise without effort, gardening, sex with love, fresh fruit and veggies warmed by the sun, loving hugs and people enjoying what I can offer. These are my truth.
We all know deep in our hearts what truly makes us happy, we just forget from time to time and try what works for others but true happiness is remembering the truth in our hearts.

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