Try as I might I can let go.  Too much to learn. Too much to understand. So much to share. So much I need to here And now.

The year of the Miracle, def= a shift of perception. When things are foggy we are forced to flinch or duck when we don’t need to. This confuses all of us, the flincher and the flinche.  When you see clearly you realize there is no need to flinch. I am still here and so are you.  Remember ‘Something is happening here, what it is is not exactly clear” but when the fog clears it all makes sense. Yoga is the inquiry into the Truth of Reality.  As we let go of our favorite habitual thoughts that don’t work and use the mind to help us remember to let them go, space is created.  Notice what moves into that space. “We are far to tolerant of mind wandering” Space is Love.

Love=The willingness to recognize that which is real or true.  The truth will set you free from fear into what reality truly is. Love of Life, Creator and created.

Talk to Me, I am ready to Listen when you know You are Love

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