Last Full Moon of 2013

Tonight is the last full moon of 2013, and is known as the “Long Nights Full Moon”.This mid- winter moon moves high in the sky, as it moves opposite a low sitting Sun.Tonight’s Full Moon is at 4:28 AM EST/9:28 Universal Time (UT) on Tuesday, December 17th.
It is the closest Full Moon to Winter Solstice (December 21), and the official heralding of winter season in the northern hemisphere.

As the cold comes in and envelopes us with her slow, quiet Yin energy, the nights become long and dark. Midwinters long winter nights reveal the Moon above the horizon longer in the night sky.

Chinese medicine is based in a deep understanding of the patterns of nature, and the implications and applications to the human body. In winter all in nature withers, hides, returns home and enters a resting period.

Animals hibernate, trees and plants return to seed, and the waters of earth freeze as snow falls. This season is pure Yin energy – feminine, dark, cool, slow and restful.

To act in accordance with seasonal, geographic, and personal factors is the way of health in China.We are intimately connected to the flow of energy, and one can see and feel this energy in the patterns of sun and moon changing trajectory across the sky throughout the year.

ThisYin season keeps us feeling dark,down and deep in our yoga practice.Remember that slow is deep. Exhaustion is part of Natures reminder to store and sleep for Springs arrival soon.The quiet stillness of winter allows us to nourish our life force, like seeds that burst and bloom in spring. In cold weather we naturally want to go inward and be still, quiet or resting by a fire with a cuppa tea.The philosophy of health in winter is to conserve and store energy.

I hope your Holidays are warm with love and joy!

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